Period Updates

As part of Stage 1 of the NWRRF Historic Environment Update Project we have commissioned updates of the period chapters from volume 1 of the first version of the research framework, published in 2006. These are not intended as a re-writing of that document, which remains a foundation text for the Update Project Rather this is an opportunity to review what fresh work has been undertaken and published in the intervening 11 years, and to publish new summaries (of around 10,000 to 12,000 words) to capture this new material.

We shall be posting the period updates on this website during September and October 2017. The first four draft chapter resource assessment updates are now available. These are for the Early Medieval Period, Later Medieval Period, Post-Medieval Period and Industrial and 20th century Period. They can be seen here:



Updated Assessment_Post-Medieval


The Archaeology of North West England. An Archaeological Research Framework for North West England: Volume 1 resource assessment (edited by Mark Brennand, 2006) can be found on line here: 

These update sections will provide the data needed for Stage 2 of the project, which is focused on compiling new research agendas for the historic environment in North West England. Each of the period summary update chapters will be posted on this blog and comments invited to cover any omissions.