NWRRF Draft Research Questions

The update project for the NW Regional Research Framework for the Historic Environment is moving towards its conclusion. Thank you to all who have attended the workshops and provided feedback. The results from all of this are set out in the recast and updated research questions and supporting statements in the documents listed below. These are presented by period and in table format, with the addition of a General Strategy section reflecting common themes applicable across the periods. A set of key points are presented at the beginning of each period. Retained questions from the previous Research Framework are referenced in brackets. Built heritage questions have been incorporated into the relevant periods.

There is now an opportunity to comment on the questions before a final version is prepared in early November to go on to the Wiki Platform (being prepared by Historic England) at the end of the year. The resource assessment chapters will also be completed in November. A point in time publication of the updated Framework will be issued next year (probably in Spring 2019). Whilst we are not looking for major changes at this stage, any comments you have would be welcome.

Please respond to Kirsty at K.Whittall1@salford.ac.uk by Friday 2nd November.

List of draft research questions by period:

Gen Strat Agenda Update 011018

INDST Agenda Update 171018

Post-Med Agenda Update 290818

Late Med Research Agenda Update 120718

EMED final format 280618

Roman final format 220518

Prehist Agenda Update 171018



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